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Remote 10: Job Analyzer

Use the Remote 10 Job Analyzer to help you conceptualize if a job could be done remotely.

Use the resulting score and your creativity to determine what percentage of the job might qualify for remote status.

  • Be willing to open your mind to the potential that every job has some elements that can be done remotely. 
  • Obtain a written job description for the position you want to analyze. 
  • Reference the written job description to answer each question in the Remote 10 Calculator. 
  • Repeat the process several times as you think of job modifications and new possibilities.

Important Definitions

Real-time Communication

Communication that happens live or synchronously such as video, phone, instant messaging, or in-person.  

Flex-time Communication

Communication that allows for a delayed response such as email, voicemail, and written letters.     

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Remote 10: Job Analyzer
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Excellent Remote Potential

Consider making this position fully remote or hybrid with several remote days per week. 

Good Hybrid Potential

Consider making this position hybrid with one or more remote days per week.

50% or Lower
More Analysis Required

Consider analyzing the position again to find more flexibility in where tasks can be completed successfully.