Certified Remote Leader

Explore the our PACE Model through our Remote Leader Certificate track.  Prerequisite: Participants must complete the Remote Professional Certification before beginning this track.

Our goals for this certificate:

      • Help leaders identify and standardize expectations for their remote workers following our PACE Model
      • Provide relevant resources and downloads for ready application
      • Award a digital credential (badge) for the successful completion of each element of the PACE Model
      • Award a digital certificate for the successful completion of the interactive trainings.

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Training, Topics, & Badges

Following are key topics covered in each training and badges that participants can earn for successfully completing this certification:

Badge: Remote Leader Productivity Expertise

PACE 101: Productivity

Badge & Topics

  • Calculating the Value Add of Remote
  • Optimizing the Remote Environment for the Workforce
  • Utilize the Remote Environment Productivity (REP) ScoreCard
  • Time Management Strategies for Leaders
  • Project/Task Management Techniques & Tracking
  • Motivation & Productivity
  • Change Management in a Virtual World
  • Connecting Work to Purpose
  • Identifying and Setting Goals
  • Work-Life Balance for Leaders
  • Code of Ethics for Productivity
Badge: Remote Leader Access Expertise

PACE 102: Access

Badge & Topics

  • Cyber Security
  • Remote Hardware
  • Remote Software
  • File Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Email, SMS, IMs, Phone, Social Media Channels
  • Communicating Technology Policies
  • Trending Technologies for Access
  • Code of Ethics for Access
Badge: Remote Leader Communication Expertise

PACE 103: Communication

Badge & Topics

  • Expectations for Multi-Channel Interactions
  • Communication Competence for Leaders
  • Avoiding Communication Pitfalls
  • Maintaining Relationships with Small Talk
  • Impression Management for Leaders
  • Communicating Expectations Virtually
  • Managing the Virtual Radar
  • Code of Ethics for Communication
Badge: Remote Leader Engagement Expertise

PACE 104: Engagement

Badge & Topics

  • Engaging Virtual Remote Workers and Organizations
  • Emotional Intelligence and Virtual Leadership
  • Establishing a Psychologically Safe Remote Environment
  • Socializing Workers to Organizational Climate and Culture
  • Creating and Reading Remote Norms
  • Remote Teams Thriving or Surviving
  • Inspiring Creativity and Innovation
  • Influence and Remote Leadership Strategies
  • Individual Differences, Attitudes, and Personalities
  • Professional Development in a Virtual Environment
  • Code of Ethics for Engagement

Ready, Set, Learn

Certified Remote Leader


Prerequisite: Certified Remote Professional
Per Participant with Standard Curriculum
Group Pricing Available