We teach professionals, leaders, and organizations how to go remote and work on.

Our purpose.

Professional Development

Invest in your ability to work beyond the office walls with our learning experiences designed to help remote professionals, leaders, and organizations learn to confidently move toward a low-density workplace.

If you are looking for a virtual learning opportunity for yourself or if you are sourcing experiences for your organization, our certifications can provide professional development opportunities to help you find what works for you and your remote team.

Our online remote certification courses are relevant for professional, leaders managing remote staff, and organizations supporting a remote workforce. Each certification track is composed of four online courses following our unique PACE Model.

We also offer opportunities for organizations to customize the online curriculum to ensure the asynchronous trainings support business goals. Our comprehensive curriculum can help organizations conceptualize and determine expectations related  the factors that affect a remote workforce.

We are here to make remote work for you and your business through professional development. Let us help you learn to confidently go remote and work on.

Certified Remote Professional

Developed to benefit new or seasoned remote professionals with key concepts and strategies for optimizing the remote work space, maximizing productivity, safeguarding/sharing resources, communicating and connecting virtually.


Certified Remote Coach

Designed to equip leaders who oversee one or more team members with tools and techniques to lead a remote team. Focused on personal leadership development and managing team dynamics and productivity in a remote environment.


Certified Remote Workplace

Focused on organization level considerations when offering remote work opportunities. Utilize tools and apply evaluative approaches to measure current level and future initiatives for supporting a remote workforce of one or more workers.


Our vision.

Advancing the Field of Remote Work

We are living in a day where remote work is not just possible, but it is often preferred. Working remote is also known as telecommuting, working offsite, working away, or working at a distance. Through our professional development programs, we endeavor to change the perception of remote work.

Technology has enabled the workforce to throw off the confines of the cubicle and migrate away from the traditional office space by working remote partially or full time. The new workplace without walls has allowed traditionally crowded offices to evolve into low-density work spaces.

The ability to connect, share artifacts, and communicate across nations is limitless. Organizations are no longer limited to aligning themselves with talented individuals who live close to the office, but they can partner with talented and motivated workers from diverse backgrounds from around the world to accomplish business goals.

Benefits of Remote Work

Professionals are benefiting from this phenomenon by saving money and time on commuting, acquiring a dream job in faraway locations without the hassle of relocating, and expanding their circle of professional colleagues from around the world.

Organizations are discovering the feasibility of moving toward low-density work spaces whether they support a team working remote one day a week or fully remote. Leaders are approaching remote remote work as an opportunity to expand the talent pool of available staff for various positions, increase employee morale, and cut costs for traditional office space.

Benefits of Remote Certifications

Our certification tracks can enhance one’s professional reputation and credibility as a remote professional, leader, or organization in this rapidly emerging field.

Our professional certifications will change the landscape of remote work and both standardize and innovate the way professionals think about this phenomenon. This new way of working will no longer be thought of as simply working from home, rather it will be an acceptable way to operate professionally without walls.

Online Access

We know that life is unpredictable, so our courses were developed to be asynchronous. This allows participants to move through instructional activities and complete mastery checks at their own pace while taking up to 365 days from course enrollment to successfully complete course content and earn a digital credentials and a certificate.

Relevant Topics

The courses are composed of applicable topics, resources, and activities important to both seasoned and novice remote workers, managers, and organizations committed to supporting a remote workforce that will improve the collective knowledge of working remote.

Digital Credentials

Participants have the opportunity to enhance their professional reputation and credibility by earning and sharing digital credentials and certificates in the areas of remote productivity, access, communication, and engagement within every certification track.

Professional Membership

After successful completion of the Certified Professional or Certified Coach, participants will receive a one-year membership with contributor status to continue learning more or adding to the expanding field of remote vocations. Annual memberships can be renewed for a nominal fee.

Customization Options

We offer options for organizations to customize our curriculum to meet the needs of their unique business goals and operating procedures.

Our process.

PACE Model


Optimize the remote working environment for maximum productivity to meet business goals.


Utilize shared drives, remote work spaces and equipment, while being cyber security.


Make an impactful by applying professional virtual communication techniques.

typing on a computer


Work Virtually with others while supporting organizational culture and processes.

Our curriculum.

Online Learning Experience

PACE Model Unpacked

We developed our 4-factor PACE Model to organize our cutting edge curriculum to equip professionals, leaders, and workplaces with tools and strategies to embrace and navigate the remote experience. The courses in each of our certification tracks offers an opportunity to earn a digital credential in for each element that you can share right away on LinkedIn or other online platforms or websites.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Can an organization balance standardization and innovation when setting policies and expectations for remote work? We think you can!

Our online curriculum was carefully developed from foundational theories and strategies from such fields as business management, human resources, communication, strategic management, information technology, and organizational psychology to create a comprehensive curriculum that is relevant for today’s remote workforce.

Remote practices and processes are introduced and reinforced to maximize learning and provide opportunity for participants to demonstrate mastery through our customizable assessment methodologies based on sound academic practices and learning theories to support today’s dynamic remote workforce.

Our robust training materials include both practical and innovative processes, and resources to teach strategies for working remote with confidence, methods for cultivating remote teams, and techniques to support a remote workforce.


Participant Experience

Professionals, leaders, and certified coaches representing organizations bring a unique frame of reference to working remote. Our unique certification tracks provide a comprehensive curriculum as well as customizable options for learning experience  that support unique business goals and operations.

Each course is designed with the user’s experiences in mind. Participants can benefit from standard or customized learning experiences in our online environment. Within our PACE model, participants can choose topics-of-focus that are important to their unique working environment to make learning activities meaningful and add to the growing body of knowledge of remote work. Cohort and individual learning opportunities are available as a customization option.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have made remote work a vocational lifestyle by succeeding as remote professionals , leaders, and business owners in various organizational structures including traditional on-site organizations. They have served in or developed key remote positions in their fields. Now, as technology has enabled the world to go remote, we have gleaned their combined knowledge, experience, and passion for remote work in each of our certificate programs.

computer stationed at a remote work site
Our mission.

Remote Certification Tracks

Certified Remote Professional

Per Participant

Certified Remote

Per Participant

Certified Remote Workplace

Per Certified Coach Representing Organization

Our expertise.

Ready, Set, Remote

Certification Tracks
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Relevant Remote Topics
Days to Complete

Online Asynchronous

Access the courses online and learn independently. There are no set class times or due dates.

Relevant Content

Learn important remote topics and techniques focused on professionals, leaders, and workplaces.


Complete the certification courses at your own pace and in any order. Take up to 365 days to complete.

Professional Membership

Certified Professionals and Coaches receive a free one-year membership with options to renew.

Resources & Tools

Benefit from the tools and downloadable resources provided within each course.

Contributor Status

Gain contributor status with WFR to add to the growing body of knowledge of this emerging field.


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