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Ongoing Professional Development offers a variety of online training opportunities for organizations who want to encourage their workforce to engage in ongoing professional development opportunities.

Customized Courses

We provide customized courses to meet your unique training needs. Let us know what topics can equip your organization. The following can serve as stand alone courses or can be combined into a training package for your workforce.

Artificial Intelligence and keyboard
AI Tools for Brainstroming Sessions
artificial intelligence
AI & Productivity
Artificial Intelligence and Lightbulb
AI for Presentations
Managing Diverse Teams
Professional wrestling a clock
Time Management
Remote Sells Techniques
New Remote Employee Training
a man giving a presentation in a modern office environment, with a large screen displaying a woman speaking. There is a small audience in the room, attentively listening and looking towards the screen. The presenter appears to be explaining or discussing the content being shared by the remote participant.
Thriving in a Blended Environment
Creative Problem Solving
Managing Remote & Hybrid Teams
Measuring Remote Productivity
a meeting scenario where a young man in a casual denim jacket is gesturing during a conversation, with a large screen showing an older woman who seems to be speaking. The meeting attendees are seated around a table with laptops, looking engaged in the discussion.
Multi Gen Workplace
Overcoming Presentation Anxiety
a man sitting comfortably on a gray couch with his legs crossed, working on a laptop. He is smiling, wearing glasses, a light blue denim shirt, and beige shorts. He's indoors, possibly on a balcony or patio area with a glass barrier, suggesting a modern, urban home setting. A smartphone is placed on the couch next to him.
Fun Ways to Engage Remotes
Creative Thinking for Remote Teams
Designing Impactful Slides
a group of people in an office environment, engaging with colleagues over a large screen. They seem to be in an open and modern workspace with large windows. The people on the screen are waving, indicating a friendly and collaborative remote meeting.
Virtual Public Speaking
Persuasive Speaking Strategies
Motivation for Remotes
worker on a video conference with LOTS of participants
Epic Virtual Meetings
Active Listening
Working with SMART Goals
Professional Remote Dress
Remote Emotional Intelligence
Giving Feedback Gracefully
two workers on a video conference
Receiving Feedback Gracefully
Remote Communication Etiquette
Dealing with Difficult Personalities
Creative Team Building
Business Communication Etiquette

Let us help!

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by remote and hybrid work environments. We offer ongoing Professional Development courses to support continuous learning.

Our training resources not only enhance skills and knowledge but highlights your commitment to supporting a thriving remote work culture of lifelong learning within your organization.