Certified Remote Workplace

Evaluate your organization’s readiness to support a remote workforce through our Remote Workplace Certification. One or more certified remote coaches can represent the organization to pursue this credential. To maintain this certification for the organization and be eligible for annual renewal, at least one certified coach must be associated with the organization who has successfully completed the Remote Workplace certification.

Our goals for this certificate:

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring your workplace readiness to support one or more remote workers
  • Equip a representative of the organization with key concepts and expectations through our PACE Model
  • Empower organizations to create expectations for their remote professionals and leaders
  • Provide resources and downloads for ready application
  • Provide digital credentials and certificate for the  organization to display for the successful completion of each element of the PACE Model.
  • Include the organization’s accomplishment on our website (optional)

Training, Topics, & Badges

Following are key topics covered and badges organizations can earn for successfully completing this certification:

Badge: Remote Workplace Productivity Expert Support


Badge & Topics

  • Measuring the Value Add of Remote
  • Optimizing the Remote Environment
  • Time Management & Expectations
  • Measuring Project/Task Management Tracking
  • Supporting Change in the Remote Environment
  • Motivation as a Key Indicator of Success
  • Aligning Work to Purpose & Productivity
  • Research and Trending Technologies for Productivity
  • Remote Workforce Code of Ethics for Productivity
Badge: Remote Workplace Access Support


Badge & Topics

  • Establishing Technology Policies and procedures
  • Cyber Security
  • Remote Hardware
  • Remote Software
  • File Sharing
  • Video Conferencing, Email, SMS, IMs, Phone, Social Media Channels
  • Developing and Measuring Effectiveness of an Access Plan
  • Research and Trending Technologies for Access
Badge: Remote Workplace Communication Support


Badge & Topics

  • Mapping the Remote Communication Model
  • Multi-Channel Support (email, video conference, etc.)
  • Avoiding Communication Pitfalls within Organizations
  • Introducing and Implementing Communication Tools
  • Virtual Communication Organizational Training Strategies
  • Communication Standards for Remote Work
  • Research, Trends, and Technologies for Communication
  • Organizational Code of Ethics for Communication
Bage: Remote Workplace Engagement Expert Support


Badge & Topics

  • Measuring Engagement in a Remote Environment
  • Valuing Psychological Safety for a Virtual Workforce
  • Evaluating Virtual Socialization Techniques
  • Real vs Perceived Organizational Climate and Culture
  • Determining Effectiveness of Remote Team Engagement
  • Supporting Creativity, Innovation, and Committment
  • Supporting Individual Differences, Attitudes, and Personalities
  • Encouraging Professional Development in a Virtual Environment
  • Research, Trends, and Technologies for Engaging Virtually
  • Organizational Ethics for Engagement

Ready, Set, Learn

Certified Remote Workplace

Prerequisite: Certified Remote Coach representing organization
Per Participant with Standard Curriculum
Group Pricing Available