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Frequently Asked Questions

Complete our Contact Form and we will send you a link to pay for the certification  you are interested in completing. You will then receive login information to our online learning environment.

If you would like more information about customizing the curriculum to meet your organization’s needs, complete the Contact Form and we will set up a time to discuss options.

Every learner is different and the courses are self-paced. Participants have up to 365 days to complete all interactive learning materials in a certification. Each PACE Model element will take approximately an hour to complete which includes all instructional materials and course activities, for a total time commitment of 4 hours. Each participant will learn at their own pace.

Course participants can work at their own pace to take into account the fact that sometimes life happens and pauses in professional development are needed. Each participant will have up to 365 days to complete a course upon enrollment.

Yes! The courses are only offered online and therefore must be attended remotely. You will need an internet connection, an operating system that allows internet access and interaction, and login credentials. After enrolling in the course, the WorkForceRemote.org team will send login credentials so participants can access the course content.

Short answer: “Nope!” Long answer: This course is designed with the user in mind. You will develop your own creative ideas of how working remote can work for you while learning from the triumphs and failures of seasoned remote workers.

After successfully completing a certification, you will gain access to submit content for consideration to the WorkForceRemote.org site to expand the growing body of knowledge in this rapidly developing field.  Become a recognized expert as you contribute your own experiences and ideas to the growing body of knowledge that is remote work. Submit  ideas, articles, memes, and other resources/media to educate and connect with inspiring remote workers around the world. If your submission is chosen it will be featured on our site along with a personalized profile of your choosing.

Once the course has been accessed by a registrant there are no refunds. This safeguards our organization from anyone who would maliciously pay, download the valuable content, then seek a refund.

To become a WorkForceRemote.org member, complete a Professional or Coach certification. You will be an active member for one year after your certification completion. You will then have the option to continue as an active member of WorkForeRemote.org for an annual fee.


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