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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for the certification program you are interested in. Once your payment is received, you will then receive login information to our online learning environment.

If you would like more information about customizing the curriculum to meet your organization’s specific policies, complete the Contact Form and we will schedule a free initial consultation.

Course participants can work at their own pace to take into account the fact that sometimes life happens and pauses in professional development are needed. Each participant will have a set amount of time to complete a course upon enrollment. This is generally established by the sponsoring organization to ensure all employees move through the trainings at a comfortable pace. Each participant will have access to the training materials for 365 days from enrollment.

Yes! The courses are only offered online and therefore must be attended remotely. You will need an internet connection, an operating system that allows internet access and interaction, and login credentials. After enrolling in the course, the team will send login credentials so participants can access the course content.

Short answer: “Nope!”

Long answer: This course is designed with the user in mind. You will journey through the learning materials and interactives to learn how working remote can work for you while learning from the triumphs and failures of seasoned remote workers.

Once the course has been accessed by a registrant there are no refunds. This safeguards our organization from anyone who would maliciously pay, download the valuable content, then seek a refund. We make every effort to ensure the courses are relevant and filled with quality content so you will not desire a refund.

To become a, complete any of our certification courses or join now by accessing our Join Now page.

If you have any questions that our curriculum will meet your organization’s goals for remote employees, schedule a free consultation through our contact form.

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