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Job Description Optimizer

Instructions: Use our Optimizer to help identify requirements that a remote job description should include to ensure expectations are clear and remote standards meet business goals. 

Brainstorm your answers to the questions and use this as a as a guide for optimizing the job description to include Remote-Relevant wording.

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What is the Job Title?
To whom does the employee report?
What is the engagement level or expected response time by a supervisor who receives communication from an employee?
What are the expectations for having an area dedicated to remote work, and what Remote Environmental Productivity (REP) score must be maintained?
What are working hours, and for which time zone?
When are employees expected to work in the company’s physical office: on scheduled days, only periodically for specified events, or never?
What are the time ranges for taking breaks and lunch?
When stepping away from email, IM, phone, or the computer, do the breaks need to be reported?
Do you have wording for specific expectations with technology usage?
What software, shared files, and drives must be used to stay engaged and complete job responsibilities?
Are there any requirements to be available for communication with individuals in other regions (e.g., Europe), if applicable.
If employees are required to log in and log out, how should that be done and how long can one be away from their remote workspace?
What are the daily expectations for applying company values to uphold the company culture, mission, vision, and values when working off-site?
When working off-site, do employees need to report their remote locations or seek permission to work out of the region, state or country?

Example: All remote employees must have proficiency with remote business communication tools such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing, video calling, etc.

How will remote employee productivity be measured?

Suggestion: Specify number or types of artifacts produced, number of clients interactions, tasks or projects completed within a certain time frame, etc.

Example: “Employees are expected to utilize the project management tool to track daily completed tasks.

Do you have essential Remote-Relevant skills in the job description?


  • Ability to prioritize  
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Excellent time management  
  • Works well as part of a team 
  • Maintains integrity and discretion in handling confidential information 
  • Professional communication skills (written and verbal) 
  • Self-starter who takes initiative 
  • Dependability 
  • Thoughtful decision making  
  • Planning and organizational skills
What response time (24 hours, 2 hours, etc.) do you expect from the employee when receiving various communications?


  • Internal emails and phone calls from co-workers
  • Emails and phone calls from supervisor
  • Customer emails and phone calls
  • Request from supervisor to join a video confernece
  • Sales emails
  • Phone calls
  • Internal instant messaging from co-workers


Apply your answers to the questions, suggestions, and examples above as a starting point for optimizing the job description to include Remote-Relevant wording.