Step 3: Train Your Workforce

Support and Accountability

As the normalcy of remote work becomes part of our society, we will see many changes in the acceptance of and expectation for remote work. Many organizations and employees are experiencing the benefits of working remote and hybrid. Employees must understand how to demonstrate professionalism and productivity while working remote.

How can employees do what is expected if they don’t know what is expected? Most organizations are operating on assumptions about working remotely. When remote employees and managers base their work on assumptions rather than on standards, productivity, professionalism, and morale can suffer.  

At, we take the guesswork out of remote work. We can help you replace assumptions with research-based standards for every aspect of remote work. Our standards clearly establish expectations for quality, productivity, and professionalism in the remote workplace. When your organization has clear standards that staff and management understand and agree to, everyone wins.    

Training That Sticks

We are living in exciting times! Just as Joseph Swan, a British scientist in 1878 and Thomas Edison in 1879 could not have imagined the impact that developing the incandescent filament lamp would have on technology, so too we cannot imagine what remote work can do for society and the quality of our lives. We are on the cusp of something great! This may seem too positive an attitude to take over working remote, but the possibilities are endless with the technology of our day.

Working remote requires considerable preparation and balance to maintain a workable pace that allows one to be equipped for maximum productivity. We define a remote “pace” as working at a sustainable speed that allows one to continue without burnout. Many workers just do not have the training to equip them to succeed – our certifications help prepare professionals and leaders to embrace this trend toward remote work.

Developing remote policies and standards doesn’t do much good if nobody follows them. That’s why Step 3 of our Remote Control protocol calls for robust training that focuses on every aspect of success in the remote workplace. Our professionally designed courses allow learners to build their remote skills through an engaging mix of interactive learning modules and videos. Formative and summative assessments appear on-screen to maintain learners’ attention and create accountability.

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Based on adult-learning theory, these self-paced courses deliver practical information in a user-friendly format. As learners progress through the Remote Professional lessons, they earn badges that count toward their Remote Professional Certificate. Those with Remote Professional Certificate can then take leadership training and earn a Remote Coach Certificate.     

Explore Our Remote Professional Certification

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Navigating the Impact of Remote Work on Your Organization

If your organization has employees who work remotely, how are remote workers affecting your organization’s reputation, productivity, security, and other crucial areas? If you don’t know the answer, you need Grounded in research-based standards, our self-pay certification courses equip remote employees and their supervisors with practical, step-by-step strategies for optimizing the remote work environment.

Enhancing Remote Work Practices

Convenient and effective, our online certification courses can help your organization avoid the hazards and reap the benefits of the remote workplace.

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