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If Dogs Worked Remotely: Fun with “Perspective-Taking”

Imagine if our canine companions joined us in the remote workplace in a more “official” capacity. How might our dogs view this new world of remote work, and what lessons could we learn from their playful approaches to daily tasks?

The concept of Perspective-taking is the cognitive skill of seeing a situation or understanding an experience from another person’s (or being’s) point of view. It involves considering how another individual might think, feel, and react in a given context, allowing for a deeper understanding of their motivations, attitudes, and behaviors

Let’s explore the amusing possibilities of dogs navigating video calls, managing projects, and running their online meetings. Read on for a lighthearted look at what a dog’s remote workday might entail … (it’s okay, we just used that one pun).

dogs walking in park

When the team finally meets in person after working remotely for months, and nobody matches their profile pics.

humans sitting next to dog working on his laptop

Every time a meeting starts, it's like there's a magnet in my laptop—suddenly everyone wants to be right next to me.

When you're pretty sure the new pups on the team are just "ChatGPT-ing" all the answers during the meeting.

happy dog on laptop

When you crush that video presentation and feel like the top dog in the virtual office.

dog on laptop looking at spreadsheet

Reviewing the team's performance metrics and realizing nap time isn't on there. That should be added as a high-priority KPI!

two dogs on computer

Trying to explain video conference etiquette to a boss who's convinced remote work is a passing fad and will be over by next quarter.

dog on laptop getting caught at a coffee shop

That moment your boss calls to check if you're actually working or just "on a long break".

dog on a video conference wearing pink goggles

Trying to keep it casual for the virtual meeting, while nonverbally expressing that you're the life of the party with your wardrobe choice.

dog on video conference with other dogs and one dog is napping and the other is wearing pink goggles

That face you make when one teammate's "working from home" simply looks a lot like napping from the couch. Also, why the heck is Dixie wearing those pink goggles during a budget review meeting?!?

dog looking intently at computer screen

Perfecting that "I'm listening intently" look during a meeting, while simultaneously trying to answer emails.

dog on the road with a laptop

When you consider if your video call background could seamlessly switch to the "long, winding road adventure" pic you took this past weekend, showcasing your adventurous side.

dog working on laptop and standing

Embracing the standing desk trend like a pro—better for the posture, better for the paws.

dog looking at laptop

That face you make when the team's debating over a "quick fix" you know will turn into a week's worth of work.

dog on laptop

Wrapping up a successful project with a smile—now, who's up for a celebratory game of fetch?

dog trying to work on laptop

When your human decides it's time for cuddles and starts tapping the keys on your laptop just as you are scheduled to start and lead the online meeting.

dog with glasses and computer

Taking charge of the meeting with confidence, until someone mentions "walk" and all focus is lost.

When your roommate doesn't respect your home office boundaries...ugh, cats!

Though playful, these examples of dogs working remotely help us view our off-site work experiences in a new way. As remote and hybrid teams continue to shape the future of work, our focus should remain on improving communication strategies and nurturing professional relationships through perspective-taking. This skill is crucial for empathy, helping us better understand  the viewpoints of others, leading to more effective collaboration, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Perspective-taking also plays a role in creative fields, where creators consider how their work might be received by different audiences. In broader social and cultural contexts, it helps bridge gaps between differing viewpoints, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

The next time you find yourself in a tricky video call or facing a daunting deadline, just thinkwhat would a dog do? And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself smiling through the chaos, ready to tackle whatever comes next with the human equivalent of a wagging tail.

Contact us to learn more about our Remote Professional Certification, where we go into more detail on the concept on perspective-taking in the remote environment.  For a creative look at pets in the remote work environment, check out our article: Remote Work & Your Pet: How to Build Rapport with Colleagues.

a dog on a laptop

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