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How Do You Remote? (AnnMarie Johnson)

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we’re diving into the world of remote work with Dr. AnnMarie Johnson, an instructional designer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Dr. Johnson has been successfully working remotely for over a decade and is what some would call a Remote Naturalist.

In this episode, she talks about her experiences and the lifestyle benefits that remote work has afforded her, especially in managing personal responsibilities such as caregiving for her family.  She discusses the importance of project management tools in keeping teams efficient and connected across different locations, as well as creative ways to keep team members connected in a term she coined as Virtual Co-Working.  

AnnMarie shares some personal lessons on adapting to remote work, emphasizing the need for self-discipline and effective time management. She also speaks on how organizations can benefit from embracing remote work, noting its potential to enhance work-life balance and meet diverse employee needs. She advocates for thoughtful remote work policies that align with both individual and organizational goals.

Join us as we explore these insights and more, offering valuable tips for both seasoned remote professionals and those new to this modern work arrangement.

Full Episode Coming in May!

AnnMarie Johnson Podcast