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CCTV: Safety Protocols for CCTV Professionals

    Safety for CCTV Installers
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    Course Description

    Safety first! This essential CEU course focuses on the safety protocols and standards for those involved with CCTV installation and maintenance. Covering everything from height safety, weather considerations, electrical hazards to the correct use of personal protective equipment, this course ensures that CCTV professionals not only protect themselves but also maintain the integrity of the environments they work in. Relevant case studies and assessments reinforce practical understanding and application of best practices in safety for CCTV installation and maintenance. This course was designed for: CCTV Installers, Service Technicians, Foremen, Project Managers, and Facility Managers.

    Learning Objectives

    At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

      1. Evaluate the importance of safety in CCTV installation, including risks and compliance.
      2. Identify hazards and apply safety protocols during site assessment and preparation.
      3. Demonstrate an understanding of safe practices in CCTV installation.
      4. Assess post-installation safety checks and maintenance for compliance.


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