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Our vision.

Advancing the Field of Remote

We are living in a day where remote work is not just possible, but it is often preferred. Working remote is also known as a distributed workforce model, hybrid model, telecommuting, working offsite, working away, or working at a distance. Through our professional development programs, we endeavor to change the perception of remote work.

Technology has enabled the workforce to throw off the confines of the cubicle and migrate away from the traditional office space by working remote partially or full time. The new workplace without walls has allowed traditionally crowded offices to evolve into low-density work spaces.

The ability to connect, share artifacts, and communicate across nations is limitless. Organizations are no longer limited to aligning themselves with talented individuals who live close to the office, but they can partner with talented and motivated workers from diverse backgrounds from around the world to accomplish business goals.

Benefits of Remote Certifications

Our certification tracks can enhance one’s professional reputation and credibility as a remote professional, leader, or organization in this rapidly emerging field.

Our professional certifications will change the landscape of remote work and both standardize and innovate the way professionals think about this phenomenon. This new way of working will no longer be thought of as simply working from home, rather it will be an acceptable way to operate professionally beyond the wall of the traditional office.

Remote Work Certifications

The Remote Professional Certification walks all employees through the steps of planning, creating, and maintaining optimal conditions in a remote environment.

After completing the Remote Professional Certification, supervisors, or those who aspire to supervise, take the Remote Coach Certification.

We also offer a Remote Workplace Certification for companies committed to providing holistic strategies for implementing and maintaining the remote readiness of an organization.

Remote worker in a coffee shop

Benefits of Remote Work

Professionals are benefiting from this phenomenon by saving money and time on commuting, acquiring a dream job in faraway locations without the hassle of relocating, and expanding their circle of professional colleagues from around the world.

Organizations are discovering the feasibility of moving toward low-density work spaces whether they support a team working remote one day a week or fully remote. Leaders are approaching remote remote work as an opportunity to expand the talent pool of available staff for various positions, increase employee morale, and cut costs for traditional office space.

Benefits of Professional Development

Professional development can encourage higher productivity, job satisfaction, and help grow a more professional remote or hybrid team. Providing professional development opportunities reinforces your organization’s commitment to excellence.

Our online trainings were developed to inspire certified remote professionals and leaders to continue learning while enhancing the individual and collective professionalism of a remote workforce.

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