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Effective problem-solving ensures that customer service representatives can address challenges proactively, find innovative solutions, and provide optimal assistance to citizens.

Sample Scenario

A citizen calls to report a sudden increase in their water bill. They suspect a possible leak but are unsure. How would you assist them in troubleshooting this issue? 

Sample Solution

The following sample illustrates how critical thinking can be applied to this situation: 

To assist the citizen in troubleshooting the possible water leak, I would employ critical thinking skills by asking specific questions to gather relevant information. I would inquire about any visible signs of water damage, such as damp spots or water pooling. Additionally, I would ask if there have been any recent changes or repairs to their plumbing system. By gathering this information, I could evaluate the likelihood of a leak and provide appropriate guidance, such as suggesting a professional inspection or providing tips for leak detection. 

This solution showcases problem-solving skills in response to the given scenario. It demonstrates the how to effectively solve a problem by analyzing a problem, generating potential solutions, evaluating their feasibility, and implementing an effective course of action.

The following 10-question quiz presents scenarios you could encounter in a non-emergency county call center.

  • Read each question carefully and select the best solution to demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  • Click on Start the Quiz, answer each question, and submit the quiz within the time frame allotted.