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Presentation Skills in the Modern Workplace


Presentation Skills in the Modern Workplace

Level up your public speaking skills as a solo-speaker or with a team. This online, self-pace course is tailored for business professionals and leaders who deliver presentations for remote, on-site, and hybrid audiences.

Course Description

Learn to create and deliver audience-focused informative and persuasive presentations using credible research, impactful presentation aids, and professional vocal and physical techniques. Participants will face scenario-based challenges typical in business settings to determine the necessary information, use credible sources ethically, organize information logically, present in a variety of channels professionally, and handle questions professionally.


Self-Paced Online Course


Public Speaking in Professional Settings

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn strategies to:

1. Overcome presentation anxiety.
2. Structure presentations with introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions.
3. Choose language strategies to appeal to specific audiences.
4. Evaluate presentation aids to align with topic, channel, audience, and occasion.
5. Analyze informative and persuasive presentation elements.
6. Use credible sources to support ideas.
7. Utilize effective vocal expressiveness and body language.
8. Explore various presentation modalities.
9. Differentiate effective and ineffective group presentation strategies.
10. Manage audience questions professionally.