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CCTV: Conducting a Site and Risk Assessment

    CCTV professional conducting a site assessment
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    Course Description

    Participants will learn the essentials of conducting thorough site assessments by evaluating security needs, carrying out site surveys, and documenting and communicating their findings. This course will equip participants with the skills needed to assess security vulnerabilities, understand site-specific security requirements, and recommend the optimal placement of CCTV equipment to meet clients’ security objectives. This course was designed for: CCTV Installers, Service Technicians, and Sales Engineers

    Learning Objectives

    At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

      1. Assess the security vulnerabilities of the site to determine effective CCTV installation and security planning.
      2. Examine physical limitations, infrastructure, security threats, client demands, and environmental risks to devise customized security strategies.
      3. Utilize diverse tools and methods for thorough site surveys, ensuring optimal equipment placement and camera positioning.
      4. Differentiate between effective and ineffective site assessment reports using diagrams and plans to facilitate decision-making and strategic planning.


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