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Interactive Professional Development for a Distributed Workforce

At, we are proud to introduce Co-Think. an innovative professional development experience, expertly designed to revolutionize how teams engage in critical thinking and problem-solving in remote work settings. Co-Think. combines comprehensive online, asynchronous training with an interactive, live Think Tank session, creating a unique learning experience that propels remote and hybrid teams to new heights of collaboration and innovation.

Co-Think. empowers employees, supervisors, managers, and leaders to engage in meaningful learning and problem-solving experiences with their teams. By applying industry standards from project management, process improvement, conflict management, and organizational psychology, we developed this innovative experience. We seek to understand participant’s values, interests, and positions to reveal areas to establish common ground and enhance the problem solving process among remote teams.

Co-Think Professional Development Experience

What is Co-Think.?

Co-Think is a four-part engaging and interactive professional development experience:

Number 1

Phase 1: Assessment and Problem Identification

We initiate the Co-Think. Experience with a comprehensive, anonymous staff survey conducted by an impartial third party to identify genuine challenges in remote work and areas for enhancing critical thinking. This allows our team to formulate a tailored online course training and develop a blueprint for the live think tank session to address specific needs and improve team dynamics and process improvement effectively.

Number 2

Phase 2: Online Course Training

This foundational phase focuses on equipping participants with essential skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, specifically tailored for remote work environments. The course covers techniques and strategies to enhance decision-making, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving.

Number 3

Phase 3: Live Think Tank Session

In this vital stage, we facilitate a live think tank session, featuring customized case studies or a real problem facing your organization all with interactive activities tailored to your organization's unique challenges. These elements are designed not just for engagement but to actively promote collaborative problem-solving and the development of a Co-Thinking Culture, turning theoretical knowledge into practical, everyday work strategies.

Number 4

Phase 4: Post-Training Follow-Up & Certificate

After the think tank session, participants and leaders provide feedback on the overall experience. evaluates the effectiveness of the session and provides a summary report to the organization. Participants who successfully complete the online course and attend the think tank session receive a certificate of completion from

Co-Think Professional Development Experience

What Are the
Primary Goals?

There are several core goals and anticipated results by participating in the Co-Think. Experience, including:

Analyzing Results for Customization

Once the initial assessment is complete, our team of experts analyzes the results to identify common themes and specific areas of need. These insights then directly inform the customization of the online course and live think tank session, ensuring that it is relevant and directly addresses the issues identified by your staff.

Identifying Authentic Issues

The assessment is meticulously designed to identify the real challenges and pain points your staff faces in the remote or hybrid work environment. We explore values, interests, positions, motivations, and root causes of issues. We also explore challenges and obstacles they face and why. Throughout this process we also exam strengths in terms of knowledge and skills. Our objective is to uncover authentic issues without any predetermined agenda or bias.

Ensuring Anonymity and Impartiality

To guarantee the honesty and integrity of the responses, the survey is administered by an independent third party. This ensures that employees feel safe and confident in sharing their true opinions and experiences, free from any concerns of internal influence or repercussions.

Enhancing Critical Thinking

The survey specifically aims to pinpoint areas where critical thinking can be improved within your teams. By understanding where your staff feels there are gaps in skills, communication, or collaboration, we can tailor the online course content to address these specific needs.

Innovating Problem Solving

With a variety of viewpoints and the freedom to speak candidly, these sessions can foster innovative solutions to challenges faced in remote work environments.

Gathering Diverse Perspectives

We encourage participation from all levels within the organization to get a holistic view of the challenges faced. This diversity in responses helps in creating a more comprehensive and effective learning and development program.

Building a Stronger Company Culture

Engagement is a key element of company culture. Knowing how remote employees view and value engagement helps in nurturing a company culture that is inclusive and supportive of its remote workforce.

Co-Think Professional Development Experience

Who Can Benefit?

Co-Think. is ideal for organizations of all sizes and industries looking to equip employees, supervisors, managers, and leaders with the skills to inspire and work as effective Co-Thinking remote teams. Whether you are a small organization seeking to improve collaboration or a large corporation aiming to foster a culture of innovation, Co-Think is designed to adapt to your unique context and needs.

This multi-faceted professional development training approach bridges the physical distance of remote work by strengthening communication and collaboration skills. The program’s structure allows for immediate application of skills, with customized scenarios and activities to empower your team to establish and nurture an organizational culture that values solutions over blame.

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At we understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by remote and hybrid work environments. Discover how our Co-Think. can revolutionize your team’s remote work experience.Contact us to learn more about how this innovative professional development experience can help your organization thrive as a remote or hybrid workplace.