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CCTV 101: Proctored Exam

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    We want you to succeed! This 3 step approach is designed to make your certification process as clear and straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on demonstrating your knowledge with confidence.

    • Step 1: After successfully completing the CCTV101: Professional Certification Course, purchase this CCTV101: Proctored Exam. You will receive  information on how to schedule your exam. After scheduling your exam, you will receive a Zoom link for the proctored exam.
    • Step 2: At the scheduled time of your exam, access the Zoom link to start the proctoring process and log into this CCTV 101: Proctored Exam Course platform to access your test questions.
    • Step 3: Upon successfully completing the exam and meeting the required standards, you will be able to download your earned certificate.

    Expectations & Guidelines

    • Ease of Scheduling: After paying for the exam, you will have the flexibility to schedule it according to your convenience.
    • Testing Days: Exams are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. This allows you to choose the best time slot within these windows.
    • Exam Duration: Expect to spend between 45 minutes to 2 hours on the exam. Please ensure you allocate enough time for completion without interruptions.
    • Stable Internet: A reliable internet connection is essential throughout the exam duration.
    • Webcam and Microphone: You must have a functioning webcam and microphone for identity verification and to maintain communication with the proctor.
    • We conduct our online proctored exams through Zoom, providing a secure and efficient way to ensure fairness and integrity during the testing process.
      • Setup: Ensure you have Zoom installed and are familiar with its basic functions before your exam date.
      • Joining the Exam: You will receive a Zoom meeting link for your scheduled exam time.
      • Proctor Interaction: The proctor will guide you through the initial steps, including ID verification and environment checks, using Zoom’s video and audio features.
      • Screen Sharing: Be prepared to share your screen upon request. This is to monitor your exam activity in real-time. The proctored exam software will provide participants with a way to share screen.
    • Identification Verification: At the beginning of the exam, present a government-issued or work-issued ID (with your picture and name visible) to your webcam for identity verification.
    • Workspace: Your desk and workspace should be cleared of all unauthorized materials before the exam begins, with only allowed items present.
    • Privacy: Ensure your testing environment is private and quiet, free from disturbances and potential unauthorized assistance.
    • Camera Setup: Adjust your webcam to clearly show yourself and your workspace, adhering to any specific proctor instructions for camera positioning.
    • Resource Restrictions: The use of notes, textbooks, or any external resources not explicitly permitted is prohibited.
    • Cell Phone Policy: Your cell phone must be turned off and placed out of reach for the exam’s duration.
    • Communication: Direct all questions or concerns exclusively to the proctor, avoiding communication with others during the exam.
    • Breaks: Follow the proctor’s guidelines if breaks are permitted, ensuring compliance with exam policies.
    • Monitoring Compliance: You may be asked to use monitoring software, such as lockdown browsers or keystroke monitoring tools, to uphold exam integrity.
    • Proctor Instructions: Pay close attention to the proctor’s initial instructions for specific exam rules and procedures.
    • Submission: Follow the proctor’s instructions carefully for submitting your exam. Make sure you receive confirmation that your submission has been successfully received.
    • Session Closure: Do not leave the session until the proctor confirms your exam is complete, your grade is determined, and your certificate is issued if applicable.

    The proctor is present to ensure you are tested fairly on the knowledge you’ve gained from the CCTV course. They are there to uphold the integrity of the exam process. If you feel anxious, let the proctor know. They can provide guidance and reassurance to help you through the process.

    If you experience any technical difficulties during the exam, such as a lost connection, inform the proctor immediately by calling (251) 215-4200.