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Our curriculum.

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Real-world Relevance

Developed by remote-work experts, our professional development courses equip learners with practical strategies for overcoming the challenges that they face in their remote work environments. The Remote Professional Certification walks all employees through the steps of planning, creating, and maintaining optimal conditions in a remote environment. After completing the Remote Professional Certification, supervisors, or those who aspire to supervise, take the Remote Leader Certification. Those who complete the first two certifications qualify for the Remote Workplace Certification that provides holistic strategies for implementing and maintaining the remote readiness of an organization. 

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User-friendly Design

Designed for busy professionals, our self-paced online courses give learners control over how and when they complete their learning. Our flexible format delivers a responsive learning experience on computers and mobile devices. Interactive elements feature engaging multimedia and other components that encourage exploration and application.

PACE Model Unpacked

Derived from the analysis and synthesis of research, the PACE model of evaluation serves as the framework for WFR standards. PACE is an acronym for productivity, access, communication, and engagement. Each component of the PACE model contains its own applicable standards. Comprehensive, yet flexible, the PACE model allows organizations to address overall remote quality or drill down to individual standards within a single PACE component.  

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Can an organization balance standardization and innovation when setting policies and expectations for remote work? We think you can!

Our online curriculum was carefully developed from foundational theories and strategies from such fields as business management, human resources, communication, strategic management, information technology, and organizational psychology to create a comprehensive curriculum that is relevant for today’s remote workforce.

Our robust training materials include both practical and innovative processes, tools, and resources. Concepts and practices are introduced and reinforced to maximize learning and provide opportunity for participants to demonstrate expertise through assessment methodologies based on sound academic practices and learning theories to support today’s dynamic remote workforce.

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Our expertise.

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